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Simple, affordable, and easy to understand digital marketing services for SMB, B2B, and professional services firms.


We are a boutique digital marketing firm founded in 2012 by our founder who fell in love with organic search and analytics in 1995.

Joy in our work comes from helping our clients increase brand awareness, generate more qualified leads, and grow revenue. We specialize only in Organic Search, Local Search, and Analytics. Because, when you try to do everything, you can't be good at anything.

We untangle technology so search engines can easily crawl the content of a website and index that content in a meaningful way. We help search engines display website content to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.

Search is much more than keywords and links. It's about the unique relationship between people, context, and content. Those interrelationship can be fuzzy. We help you develop strong relational signals between your website, social profiles, local listings, and paid search campaigns so customers can find you when they want you, and prospects can find you when they don't know you.

When your customers and prospects land on your site we're there there to help. Our goal is to help you meet their objectives.  And, delight them with a frictionless experience ...quickly ...effortlessly.

We run "no nonsense" projects with transparency and integrity.


Organic Search

Tired of chasing keywords and getting nowhere?
We take a streamlined strategic approach to SEO. Our strategies are focused on users and built on topical pillars with semantic connectivity. We work with you to build a strong SEO foundation based on quality content and earned links from trusted sites. Instead of chasing keywords, we focus on insulating your site from the risks of search algorithm changes, and the algorithms change often!

Local Search

Not sure how to get local search to work for you?
Local search is just as important to B2B and manufacturing businesses as it is to local store fronts such as restaurants and flower shops. Sadly, many businesses aren't aware of the benefits local search can provide to their overall SEO strategy, so they ultimately miss out on simple ways to build trust with the search engines.

Every business is unique. We understand that. So, we don't offer "cookie cutter" local SEO plans. Of course we follow a prescription, a framework, but it's tailored to each client's individual needs. Every local search strategy includes a Google My Business listing optimization, link earning from location and industry relevant sites, on-site optimizations, citation normalization and management, and review acquisition and management if needed.

Your brand, your business strategy, and the way you interact with your customers is unique to you. We help your website extend into local markets.

If you're not sure were your business stands in Local Search, give our Free Local SEO Report a try.


Looking for analysis instead of reports?
We included analytics in every project.  

If the analytics platform isn't properly configured to track conversions, then you can't accurately calculate return on marketing investment.

If you don't know the value of each visit to your website, we'll help you figure that out. Then we'll help you identify the best measurements to track your marketing performance.

Working with us


We help your team understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. The more they understand the less time we spend troubleshooting and the more time we spend optimizing your site to attract more converting traffic, thus increasing your marketing ROI.

We provide monthly reports with analyses of where we've been, where we are, and where we are going in regard to your website's organic performance. We also provide performance dashboards and other tools that provide real-time access to digital marketing performance and project status.

Again, we are open about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Clear, concise, and frequent communication

When we say "clear, concise, and frequent communication" we aren't just talking about the communication between our team and a point of contact on your team. Many of our clients have a village working their digital marketing: web developers, paid media agency, IT managing the servers, brand managers or department heads developing content for their own part of the website, etc. Seriously, it's a village! The trouble is, organic search touches every single one of those activities, and more. And, one small change, innocently made, in any one of those areas can have serious consequences to organic performance, or lack thereof.

Additionally, the work we do requires meticulous notes that can include screenshots or exhaustive spreadsheets full of URLs. Often all of which needs to be shared with you, the client, or any of the other villagers in your company's digital marketing ecosystem.

We rely heavily on collaborative tools to manage our projects and communicate with our clients. These tools allow us to facilitate the workflow without filling the inboxes of your marketing team with an avalanche of email.

Clearly defined OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

At the beginning of every project, we define objectives we are striving to reach by the end of the project. We then divide the timeline into chunks and define key results that will measure our progress in reaching our objective. It doesn't matter how big or small, we do this for every project. This provides a clear understanding for you and us as to what we are working to achieve and how we will achieve it.

OKRs are not the same as KPIs; however, KPIs do make good key results.

If you are unfamiliar with OKRs and would like to better understand them check out OKRs 101 at What Matter.

Accurate marketing analytics

If analytics isn't properly set up and tracking conversions, there's no way to accurately calculate return on marketing investment. If this isn't done, we are limited in demonstrating the true value of our work.

“When you try to do everything you can't be good at anything.”

Project  structure

Our projects follow a methodology that is, generally, carried out in three phases.

Kickoff and information gathering

A few things happen at this phase, but the most important things are gaining a deep understanding of your industry, business, and customers. This part is really important to the success of the project, so we ask a lot of questions and request a lot of information. In fact, we get all into your business!

We also work with you to understand your marketing goals and objectives and your expectations for the project. These help us define the project OKRs.

Analysis and roadmap

Whether organic search, local search, or analytics; nearly all of our projects start with the development of a strategic roadmap based on an audit from systematic and heuristic analysis. This means:

  • We run a bunch of automated tools that generate a lot of data that we then analyze.
  • We visit the website and manually assess the site structure, content quality, and usability. We assess on and off-site optimizations and learn what your online competitors are doing well and where they have gaps we can take advantage o
  • We review any analytics configurations to ensure accurate reporting.
  • We then extract all identified actions into the collaborative project management platform and assign priority.
  • We develop OKRs and a roadmap to address any identified issues.
  • Finally, we meet with you and share our findings. We explain what changes need to be made and how to make those changes.  We provide this to you in simple, and easy-to-understand language.

Some clients stop here. There are two main reasons for that:

  • They have internal staff to execute our recommendations.
  • The objective of the project was to audit the performance of an existing agency.

If the intention is to hand off to the client's internal staff, then we take a little extra time at the end of the project, to ensure the team fully understands the recommendations. Sometimes the internal team will have questions a month or so later. And, that's okay! We aren't lawyers who charge for every minute spent on the phone to help a client. Again, the joy of what we do comes from our client's success.

Recommended execution and sustained optimization

Oftentimes, our clients don't have the internal resources to implement our recommendations. For those clients, we tailor an ongoing monthly contract specific to their needs.

Some monthly sustaining organic search activities include:

  • Topical-based content development (our team or yours)
  • Link earning from reputable relevant sites
  • Ongoing optimization for maximum search visibility of converting traffic

Local search monthly activities may include:

  • Citation management
  • Local link earning
  • Review acquisition and management
Brands and agencies we've worked with.